Xnet Mobile Inc.

About us

Xnet is an independent software development company (ISV) and technology center for a wide spectrum of solutions in the area of remote, mobile, cloud and digital, especially in the enterprise sector.

The Xnet team is a blend of highly experienced, young, talented and creative IT professionals from different countries and backgrounds. Our company culture encourages professionalism, creative thinking and knowledge sharing.

One of the keys to our success is collaboration with our customers, unleashing creativity to innovate and release new solutions.

  • Work from Home (WfH)
  • Work from Anywhere (WfA)
  • Remote Access (RA)
  • Remote Admin (XSG)
  • Remote Maintenance (RM)
  • Retail (POS Multimedia and MFT Managed File Transfer)
  • Remote Factory (RF - Industrial plants)
  • Remote Powertrain (EV - electrical vehicle)
  • Remote Lab (RL - Biotech, C-19 lab)
  • Wireless Networks (WiFi)
  • Network Security (XSG)
  • Network Management (NMS)
  • Remote SPACE Constellation (RSC)
  • Remote SPACE Rover (RSR)
  • Remote SPACE Mission Control (MOCC)

COVID-19 / Remote Work from Home / Work from anywhere

A rapid move to REMOTE WORK created huge demand in many company IT environments. COVID-19 pandemic is moving employees away from the office and back into homes. We are building culture outside of buildings, with work that supports life on a more even playing field, with talent that can come from anywhere. As we look to the future, it’s time to unleash these new way of working for the long-term, with a focus on well-being, equality, and productivity that can work for both employers and employees long after this crisis ends.

Xnet with products NetOp Remote Control and Xnet Secure Gateway may help you and your organisation to shape the REMOTE future immediately.

For those with the skills to work remotely, the crisis has turbocharged an unparalleled shift toward more flexible work, and being able to live one life that better blends work and home.

#1 Using Desktop-PC in the company office remotely from home

#2 Using Virtual Desktop or App remotely from home and anywhere

Xnet incorporates every tenable business advantage during a pandemic that will force people to stay in — and work from — their homes.

Xnet is a remote work specialist, cloud-software powerhouse and a major player in the wireless communications, all businesses that are expected to remain strong.

Xnet Secure Gate

Remote Control Software

Xnet’s founder and CEO was Remote Control Software inventor. He was in the 1980’s part of the original Carbon Copy (the first Remote Control Software ever) founder and development team in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, California.

Carbon Copy Plus™

The only double feature in communications software.

Hollywood Boulevard - Walk of Fame, LA



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Credit Agricole

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British Telecom

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