Xnet Mobile Inc.


XSG - Xnet Secure Gate

XSG Management of priviledged administrative remote access. Session recording. Remote Control & Access in heterogenous IT environment. Network & Systems Security. Distributed Architecture.

XDS - Xnet Secure File Transfer

XDS-DX Data Federation automates the process of collecting and delivering data from/to remote locations. Event-Trgigered File Transfer and Scheduler. Massive Deployment of Multi-Media Data. Transfer data at specified times to specified locations with guaranteed delivery.

XDA Xnet DNA - Digital Networks Architecture

Xnet’s XDA-DNA enables enterprise customers to efficiently install and manage large networks and attached devices. The system offers Asset and Change Management for large networks & infrastructures (25.000+ network devices). Leveraging a 20 years heritage of experience, innovation and excellence for enterprise customers.

XDA - Cloud Net Manager

Fast deploy, roll-out and manage your branch network and devices through a single dashboard.


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