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Digital Networks Architecture

XDA powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure. As the global standard for managing high-volume projects, the XDA Platform enables growth-focused innovators to optimize the entire asset lifecycle. From the field to the C-suite, XDA enables stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their physical and digital asset portfolios.

XDA is a cloud-based project management solution designed to help enterprises manage distributed projects. Key features include design and planning, collaboration, documentation, performance analysis, reporting and more.

XDA begins with capacity planning to determine staff and resource requirements for a project based on initial raw inputs. Project planners can then leverage historical performance data to forecast project timelines and milestones. The prebuilt customizable templates allow stakeholders to capture project requirements and design a real-time dashboard that displays key productivity metrics.

XDA even helps project stakeholders to plan, schedule and assign post-deployment activities such as maintenance and upgrades. The solution also provides mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to facilitate communication between back-office and field staff.

XDA is used in a wide array of industries including retail, telecom, construction, energy, utilities and software development.

XDA is a software solution that includes all the tools and features you need for a successful rollout. It is especially suited to the requirements of projects that typically involve the repetition of the same or similar activities at many different sites. This is the case in large projects, among others, for instance in mobile communications rollout projects or in hardware rollout projects.



PERN Group is the national and regional leader in crude oil logistics.

The company operates in the field of transport, shipment and storage of crude oil.

It manages a network of crude oil and product pipelines.

It provides storage capacity for crude oil and liquid fuels.

The PERN Group provides services in the field of technical inspections of pipelines, operates an optical fibre network, conducts IIOT data transmissions, and also offers collocation services.

Occidental's, Houston, Texas crude Oil and Gas exploration and production activities are concentrated in the United States.