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XDS eXtended Data Distribution System

Data Collection & Distribution

XDS automates the process of collecting and delivering data to remote locations. Transfer data at specified times to specified locations with guaranteed delivery.

XDS stands for "Extended Data Distribution System" the next generation of data communications software, which optimizes the distribution of applications and data through a wide range of WAN’s. XDS is the best solution for mass deployment of software and data to remote sites (users, networks, applications). Developed to execute even the most complex tasks of collecting and distributing computerized information--no matter how large the company or the amount of data, XDS automates the day-to-day activities of downloading and sending files between computers. It also helps coordinate data flow within organizations, independently of the data location.

Previously data transport systems dealt with Three Dimensions, What, Where and When. Later the Fourth Dimension was added, How. Now XDS supports the Fifth Dimension by adding Choice. Using one of the many SQL databases supported by XDS it is possible to make extraordinary choices or detailed selection with file transport. Imagine accessing the corporate sales database to deliver information to previous customers who have not purchased within the last six months and are located within specified postal zones where new stores are being opened. Using the combination of standard database access tools and XDS, a company can deliver or retrieve files, information, software, configurations, inventory and more. Nothing on the market today has the power or flexibility of XDS. With the additional ability, the Fifth Dimension, to access supported SQL databases XDS has continued with its heritage of innovation, scalability, reliability and value.

The XDS system provides an open standard solution that utilizes a common easily accessible architecture that is completely system independent. It is based upon TCP/IP, which is also the protocol used by the Internet, and used for the XDS main tasks--data transfer and internal communication between system components.

XDS has been developed to support the latest WAN physical transport link technologies such as ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN and will allow customers to use private, (VPN) and public (POTS), networks as well as LAN structures. XDS provides special client-software, which extends the power of standard FTP and provides the user with the full power of XDS. The XDS server is also compatible with any third party FTP server, which can act as a "stripped-down" XDS-client.

Any system involved in mission critical applications like XDS must be reliable and scaleable, which is why Xnet chose Windows NT as its native operating system. XDS fully utilizes the system security and performance features of NT and has the ability to meet varied customers' needs in two ways. First, the Windows NT system can range from small desktop computers to the most sophisticated multiprocessor cluster systems. Second, XDS components can be distributed on multiple systems within any IP based local or even wide area network to meet the performance and system fault tolerances required by any customer.

The modular architecture of XDS allows components to be added or removed as they become available or as the needs the of customer changes. TCP/IP is a multi-channel protocol, which allows more than one application to use a link at the same time. Through the use of the TCP/IP protocol and the XDS multi-functional capability, customers will be able to offer email; remote control and database access simultaneously with future XDS modules, XDS Service Agents or third party products (e.g. Microsoft Mail, Oracle SQL Plus or Netscape).

Key Features:

Based on FTP/SFTP/VPN-tunnel: Take advantage of the most effective way to transfer data.

System logs: Maintain control of systems with different layers of detail.

Programming: Create your own tasks with variables, logical functions and error handling codes.

Remote Executing: Get more control of data transfers by executing commands remotely.

Automation: Automate daily operations and let XDS do the work for you.

Error handling: Built-in error detection rules and definitions, facilitating easy resolution of system errors.

Notifications: Receive automatic notification of errors by email or SMS.

CRON Scheduling: Set cyclic tasks with all special exceptions.

Scalable Architecture: It will grow with your system.

Open architecture: It cooperates with all ERP systems and front-end systems of remote sites.

XDS supports the following customer profiles:

  • Multiple Retail Outlets
  • Suppliers
  • Franchisees
  • Consultants
  • Service Providers
  • Small Offices / Home Offices
  • Home Workers

XDS provides the following functions:

  • Data Distribution
  • Data Acquisition
  • Software Distribution
  • Update Distribution
  • Intranet
  • Front end system for data warehouse
  • Remote control (With the addition of NetOp)


Financial institutions

Industrial producers

Supermarkets and retail chains