Xnet Mobile Inc.

Xnet Secure Gate

Full control of priviledged administrative remote access in heterogenous IT environment

Remote Admin Access RAA Service

Xnet Secure Gate

Xnet Secure Gate is a secure, agentless system providing capability for granting access, granular delegation of "superuser" rights, session recording and logging of activity, as well as governance over privileged access and accounts.

The results are enhanced security and compliance with more efficient remote "superuser" access administering, tracking and auditing.

  • Simplified control and recording of privileged access,
  • Protection against unauthorized access,
  • Traceability of all activities during remote maintenance sessions,
  • Secure storage of all recorded sessions,
  • Single Sign-On – SSO for Remote Access.

Remote Session Management

Improve security and achieve compliance by limiting privileged access for administrators, remote vendors and high-risk users to a specific systems within the enterprise infrastructure.

Grant limited access defining time windows and max session duration. Take advantage of full-session recording and replay capabilities to simplify auditing and help ensure compliance.

Remote Access Automation

Automate, control and secure the entire process of granting remote access to system administrators.

Simplify privileged governance by giving enterprise the ability to define roles and associated policies, access approval workflows, hidden logon scripts and user exits for audit & approvals.

Multifactor authentication

Enhance security by requiring a second factor of authentication for user, administrative or superuser access.

Integrate multifactor authentication with privileged account management for an added layer of security for these most powerful users and accounts.


Financial institutions

Industrial producers

Supermarkets and retail chains